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Moisture Love products now availale in 57 and 237 ml


These moisturized products are perfect for this weather. 


Perfect PH balanced

Shampoo and Conditioner are with protein

Leave-in and Styling Cream without protein.

You shop them here.

Righteous Roots Oil now available!


Righteous Roots Rx is a hair rejuvenating growth serum with essential oils with both anti-frizz and detangling properties, blended to transform your hair into the best it can be.


This very popular oil can of course not be missing from our range. Click here.

These product from the Innersense line now available.

Fall in love with your curls again with these products made by Mother-Nature. These products are made from certified organic vegetable ingredients that your hair will love.

The following products are CG friendly and we find an addition to our range.

* Hydrating Hair Masque, with protein

* Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner, with protein

* Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner, with protein

* Quiet Calm Curl Control, without protein

* I Create Volume, with protein

* I Create Lift Volumizing Foam, with protein

* I Create Waves, without protein

Besides the mask, the rest is available in both normal and mini (travelsize) packaging.

New products added from Jessicurl.


Hair Cleansing Creme ✅ Gelabration Spray ✅ Awe Inspiraling Spray ✅ Spiracilious Gel

Available in 57 and 237 ml. They are without protein.

You can shop them here.

Natural products from Nature's Little Secret now available.

These products are handmade with natural and organic ingredients for high quality natural hair, products for all hair textures and children.


The line consists of a Mask with protein, a Conditioner, Leave-in, Curl Cream and a Flaxseed Gel without protein.

CurlyEllie available.

These products, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, detangling spray and styling serum were initially designed for children, but are nowadays used by all ages.

The CurlyEllie range is inspired by the natural world and combines fresh and pure ingredients.

Free from animal testing and cruelty.

Suitable for vegans.

Products contain protein and are available in normal size and mini packaging, except for the styling serum.

The mask is not included in the range because it is not CG proof.

NEW Products from Breahni now available.

These products are not heavy and suitable for all types of hair types. Moisture Milk, Light Styling Gel, Leave-in and the Curl Devining cream contain protein. The Healty Hair Oil is not but can react as protein in because of the Castor Oil.


Knowing more? There are reviews about the Breahni products on YouTube.

They have finally arrived, the products of TropikalBLISS, the Super Moisture Line.

These are the Wild Berries Co-Wash and the Marshmallow Melt Mask which contain protein, the Grapefruit Watermelon Squeeze, Pineapple Hair Milk and the Banana Leave-in without protein.


Products are suitable for fine hair and are light till medium. The most suitable for curly & kinky hair. The mask and the co-wash are also suitable for wavy hair types.

New Products of Mielle Moisture RX now available.


It contains the Styling Gel, Leave-in, Hair Butter and the Scalp Treatment. All without protein.

NEW the products from AliKay no availabel. 


It contains the Shea Yogurt cream, Honey & Sage mask, Creme Brulee cream, Lemongrass Leave-in, Cowash Me Cleansing and the Wake me Up Curl Refresher.


All contains protein exept the Creme Brulee.

The CG friendly products from Curls Dynasty are deliverd.

It contains the shampoo, curl cream and oil without protein and the conditioner, leave-in and mask with protein.

NEW, the products from INAHSI.

Exept the shampoo (soon) you now can buy the  Leave-in, Co-wash, Custard, Curl Cream en het Masker.  You can also test them first, because we have for the leave-in, co-wash and custard the 59 ml available.

Only the leave-in & shampoo (soon) are without protein.

The very populair brand TreLuxe from the USA now available in our shop. Alle the products contain protein.


Untie the Knot, leave-in, Reflex  Styling Serum, Renew & Restore Shampoo, Hi-Defintion Gel, Curl Supreme 4in1 creme.

We brought the Zazzy Bandz hair bands to the Netherlands for you. The hair clip that fits like sunglasses and causes no headache.

The standard hair bands are available in the colors black, brown, white, transparent and copper, the wrapped (with fabric wrapped) in the version Leopard, White dots on black and Zebra silver on black.

The most sold are the Original, suitable for most heads. If you have a slightly larger head, order the Slim.

Note: These tires are not suitable for small heads (eg children).


Thanks to Sylvia from MyLittlePerfectWorld.com for the tip.

NEW in the range. The special CG line from Pump Haircare from Australia.

Pump Haircare is a very popular line in Australia. Set up by a hairdresser in Sidney. This year they have released this special CG line. Because the reactions and reviews were and are very positive, we have taken up the challenge to bring these products to the Netherlands. And to delight you with this new line for the Netherlands.

This range has a shampoo with protein, a conditioner without protein, the 2in1 creme without protein and the Spring Back Curls Day2 with protein.

NEW in the range, the great products from Flora & Curl.
Flora & Curl believes that what you apply to your hair and scalp is important. But not only that: hard and barrier-forming ingredients in conventional hair products can disrupt the natural balance of our scalp and it often happens that the moisture, dehydration and dry scalp problems worsen. These ingredients are not used by Flora & Curl: Silicones, Sulfates, Palm Oil, Synthetic fragrance, synthetic coloring, Coal tar dyes, Phthalates, Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Carbomers, Animal testing.
They are just as open about the ingredients that they omit as they put in them. You benefit from:
- High-quality ingredients: cold-pressed and nutritious ingredients
- Active botanicals with benefits for the scalp: scalp soothing flower and herbal extracts
- Powerful formulas so that every drop feeds your curls and "less is more"
- Aroma therapeutic: enjoy our naturally derived scents from nature

Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in are protein free. The gel and lotion are with protein.

From America the wildly popular PuffCuff. This does not pull your hair out and does not causes headache,  and does not damage your hair. How beautiful is that ?.

Can be ordered individually, in 4 different sizes.

Shop here.

New products from Only Curls.

This very popular and famous brand from England, now available from us.

The hair cream en Gel, shop here.

The shampoo en conditioner without proteïne, shop here.

According to the supplier, the hair cream and gel have "a tiny bit protein".