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The Story of My Soigne

I had always been a DIYer, so when I started researching the curly girl method and all the at home things you could make, I went crazy. I decided I wanted to start selling my homemade concoctions in the fall of 2017, but needed a name. I wanted something that was classy and meaningful. I used the thesaurus for synonyms of words I liked, and sifted through other languages for words that don’t translate to English. That’s when I found Soigne. Soigne itself is a french verb, meaning to possess an aura of elegance and sophistication. This was it. Not the easiest to say, I’ll admit, but the meaning was everything.

After growing up feeling less-than because my hair was too wild, too crazy, too unmanageable, too unprofessional, too unruly, finally I could convey the message that Curly Hair is Elegant Too! Elegance is not only for straight hair or curling iron curls! It’s for us with natural hair textures, from wavy to kinky, and with all different curl types and patterns. In March 2018 the brand launched with the hair cleanser, hair cream, and microfiber towel. In June 2018 the flax seed gel was added to the line up.