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The CurlyEllie range draws its inspiration from the natural world, combining fresh and pure ingredients without sulfates, synthetic fragrances or silicones to clean, condition, nourish and repair delicate, dry and damaged hair.


“Originally developed to calm my daughter Ellie’s sensitive skin, allergies and eczema, the CurlyEllie range has always strived to be kind to skin, hair and planet,” said Zaina O’Halloran, founder and CEO, CurlyEllie. “One of the main reasons the CurlyEllie collection is vegan is Ellie's love of animals. We believe that it is never necessary to use animal products or test on animals in our quest for beauty or gorgeous tresses.”

The CurlyEllie range was originally developed for babies and children and has developed cult status with adults seeking a gentle, effective haircare brand for dry, damaged, curly and frizzy hair.