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The origin of CG Products.nl

Published on August 14, 2019 at 12:19 PM

First something about myself, my name is Jacquelina and independent entrepreneur for over 25 years. Over the years I have had several companies, taken over, started up and sold. These were companies in various segments. Since I am not a professional idiot, it did not matter to me what kind of company it was, the challenge was to make something out of nothing .. I could not always tell you that went well, but ... that is the risk of entrepreneurship. If I saw a challenge in something and thought that it would be nice to start, then I did that ... so also with CG Producten.nl. I will take you on a journey about the creation of this webshop. I too have curls and show you a few pictures over the years ...

From dark curls to.....                         blond curls to...                               almost no curls anymore...

this was the start of my search to prevent me from having any hair on my head in a few years.

Buy stuff for curls

Maybe you recognize it, before I started with the CG Method, I didn't even know about it, I bought products for curls like a headless chicken. Then again and then again so .. but I knew nothing to bind because in my opinion it was nothing, or I came across something again and had to and would try that ..

In June 2018, 3rd photo, I started to study the CG Method. I came across a page on Facebook about the Curly Girl method. Never heard of it but I signed up with the group and was allowed to become a member ..

The Curly Girl method

But what information I came across .. it was a complete study for me to understand everything, but I think this applies to many. After one day I fully immersed myself in the CG Method, read many messages, I started the hair test, because it starts with that if you want the right products for your hair. Gosh, what a hassle .. but I ended up with this'

Curl type 2a, 2b

Density Medium (thin hair but a lot)

Hair density Fine (felt almost no hair)

Porosity High (the scales felt good, hair was dry after 2 hours, and yes it had a lot of tangles)

Elasticity Low, I didn't have to make a ruler or a calculation, because I just had to pull it on and pats it in half.

Conclusion: Purchase products without protein. But what then ?? Okay, this Facebook page also had a list of products with and without protein, very handy. so I went looking and of course bought as many cheap products as possible.

Products for curls

The final wash Europrofit from Kruidvat, that was not so difficult. Mask from Novex, Co-wash from K3 conditioner, Leave-in from Novex, Taft Gel from Wella. Shea Moisture Shampoo, Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention.

In short, after a few weeks the Taft Gel disappeared, my hair became very strange, the shampoo also went into the bin (because hey I didn't have to shampoo my hair at all), I replaced the leave-in with Kinky Curly Knot Today (was a bit lighter) and started making linseed gel. That was also not a success, no matter how much I put in my hair, it did nothing .. so the Kinky Curly Curling Custard purchased and I still have it .. After 8 months I also replaced the K3 conditioner with a more expensive brand, As I Am Detangling Conditioner, what a difference it was .. and so I am always trying and searching, and you can tell that I still have not found the holy grail in my opinion. I am also the type to try everything .. but more about that later.

This was it for now, in part 2 we look at the eventual creation of CG products. Oh yeah I understand, the photo below as it is now ...


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