From fluffy hair to beautiful curls ... You can also achieve this with the right CG hair products. Buy a curling cream or other products for curly hair in this shop.

No more searching for the ingredients, use, whether or not it contains protein. The products are already specified in this shop. How beautiful is that ?! You also complete the order with our accessories.

Our shop is made for you, for convenience. The all in 1 shop. Info, products, accessories. You no longer have to leave the house to shop everything if you want to start with the CG and if you are already using the CG Method.

Above a few before and after photos. The effect of using the right products for your curls.

What does the CG method mean?

That way you treat hair with products without sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, wax and drying alcohol. You will avoid these ingredients because they:

1. cannot be removed from your hair (properly) without sulfate shampoo (and you want to avoid this)
2. these ingredients themselves are also not good for your hair. Silicones and mineral oils, for example, put a sealing layer on your hair (as a result, your hair suffocates and moisture and other products do not penetrate your hair, causing your hair to dry out). You can also use this method if you have no curls.

You can purchase the right CG hair products from curl cream to shampoo here if you know what your hair needs, which products are suitable for your curly hair.

Read the info about the Curly Girl method first if you don't know exactly what this means. Then you do the hair test. After this test you know what you can purchase. Read this article when you start, start at step 4.

Now that you know which products are suitable for curly hair, you can start. Make sure you have some patience because sometimes CG hair products react differently to what you hope, for example the curl cream is too heavy for your hair, switch to another lighter version or do not use curl cream.

Sometimes it takes a while before you discover the right combination, and sometimes it is okay to change products. Your hair changes with the time, it is best to do the hair test again and then it can be that you may need protein products for your hair because your elasticity has increased. For some people, a combination of protein and protein-free products is also recommended, especially when you are painting your hair, see also the tips&tricks


Our webshop also continues to change in terms of products, we are looking for new brands that are not (often) available in the EU to add them to our shop. We hope that makes your curls happy. Suggestions are always welcome!